Demonstrating dental fillings with technology

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Can you imagine not having any technology in your home? Depending on your age, that may be something that you do not have to imagine, but remember! It is not that long ago that no one had a computer at home, or a phone in their pocket that was able to connect instantly to the internet – and not that long ago, the internet did not even exist! And yet few of us would want to return to those days because of the amazing things that technology can do for us, even just in our homes. We use phone reminders to make sure we take medication, and adjust our lighting with them. There are apps for changing the temperature of our homes while we are at work, and clever boxes that mean we can watch TV shows any time of the day. What is really exciting is that technology is not only starting to help out in our homes, but also in a whole load of other areas – including, slightly weirdly, dentistry.

Yup, you read that right, dentistry. Believe it or not, there are many dentists out there who use technology in their business far more often than most people who actually work in business, and it is technology that can make a huge difference to the lives of their patients. Even in areas where you would not necessarily expect technology to be, it is there making a real difference. In many cases, testing and procedures could not really take place without the technology that has been designed for the dentist to use. Take for example, dental fillings – otherwise known as tooth restorations.

For many people living in San Diego tooth restorations are the number one dental procedure that they are going to experience at some point in your lifetime, and that is because it is so easy for our teeth to get a little worn and a little broken. As soon as that starts to happen, bacteria can start to get in and wreak havoc on our teeth, something that can lead to infected roots and even teeth that need to be removed completely. This is something, however, that can be very difficult to explain to people, and showing people who live in San Diego tooth restorations that are required can often be a little too graphic for them. After all, no one wants to see a real tooth that is literally decaying in someone’s mouth!

And that is where the cleverness of technology comes in. it is now possible for computer software to simulate what a tooth looks like and what happens to it when it cracks and bacteria starts to get in, so that a dentist can show their patient without the patient getting completely weirded out by it. By using a simulator instead of a video, the information can be imparted without the gross factor so that the patient can really pay attention and not start to feel nauseous, and that means that they will really understand what it is that could happen to them if they do not take care of their teeth properly. For those who are about to have a dental filling, a typical San Diego tooth restoration, they can see exactly why they need to have the treatment.

This is a brilliant way of educating people using the wonders of technology, and this is something that should be encouraged by all dentists. After all, better educating your patients is only going to end up with better dental health, something that we are all striving for – and this way, you can do it with just a click of a button.

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