Diagnosing Cancer Earlier

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Cancer as a diagnosis has become less of a devastating diagnosis in recent years, depending on the type of cancer. There are many exciting treatments that are emerging from different medical sectors all over the world. Medical professionals are making great strides in treating and managing different types of cancer. There are some cancers that are still very difficult to treat and oftentimes beyond the capacity of any doctor. However, every type of cancer is more effectively treated the earlier it is detected.

Early Detection

Cancer is essentially the uncontrolled replication of damaged cells. Over time, the damage will spread as more and more of the cancerous cells replicate. These cells will spread their damage. The more damaged cells there are and the more they spread, the more difficult it is to treat. So if you are able to catch the cancer early, it will greatly increase your chances of successfully treating the cancer. The best case scenario is to actually catch it before it ever develops. If you can detect the existence of genetic markers before the cancer ever develops, you’ll be able to make preventative measures. If you haven’t already, you should learn more about genetic testing in Singapore.

Hereditary Cancers

Some types of cancer are hereditary, which means they are often formed from inherited genes. The genes you inherit from your parents are different triggers that make certain things happen. You can have a gene for blue eyes, for example. Alternately, you could have a gene that makes your ring finger longer than your middle finger. These are common and benign genes that determine minute things about you. However, there are also genes that determine how certain cells will act. So if you have genes that have been linked to different types of cancer, you have a higher risk of developing those hereditary cancers.

Some examples of hereditary cancers are bowel cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, and many others. Having these genetic markers does not mean you will definitely develop a type of cancer. A genetic marker is like a switch that can be flipped in certain circumstances. In many cases, it is not known what those circumstances might be. However, it is known that many people who have these markers do not ever develop cancer.

There are also some lifestyle factors that play a role in the different cancers developing. For example, if you have the genetic markers for skin cancer, and you spend a lot of time in the sun, you’ll have a higher chance of developing melanoma. You’ll have a higher chance of developing melanoma than someone who does not have the markers and spends the same amount of time in the sun. Even considering those factors, though, it’s not known whether or not you would ever develop melanoma.

So much about cancer and their genetic markers is unknown; however, it is known that certain markers can increase the likelihood of it occurring. If you get a genetic test, it will better help doctors know what to look for, and what symptoms to watch out for.

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