Get Herculean Physique from Winstrol

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A lot of athletes and body builders use a variety of steroids to get faster results and gain strength. Every steroid exhibits primary and secondary properties and it is the secondary characteristics that these people want. In the case of Stanozolol, an anabolic androgenic steroid, the primary purpose is for medical treatment of patients who are suffering from hereditary angioedema and anemia. In animals, this is used to stimulate RBC production, cell growth and increase bone strength. Also, it can stimulate appetite in weakened or debilitated animals. The primary characteristics, in this case,is reducing the water from thebody and the secondary characteristics are improving or increasing cells and strength. The sports community tries to catches on both these characteristics.

Drug Use in Body Building

The first step in body building is getting a lot of muscles. To achieve this, they consume a lot of protein and steroids which helps them to grow a lot of muscle. Steroids like Testosterone or its derivate are used in what is called as a bulking phase or cycle. Due to the use of testosterone, water retention is inevitable and body acquires a kind of bloated look. But the primary purpose of developing muscle is attained. In the next step, it is important to maintain muscle mass while dieting which is easier said than done. Hence, they rely on again on steroids to reduce the water retention and cut fat muscle. This is called the cutting cycle and one of the steroids used is called Stanozolol whose commercial name is Winstrol. This is once again an anabolic androgenic steroid. It not only helps in developing muscle but helps in cutting mass muscle.

Helpful Hints

If somebody has the idea that steroids by themselves can lead one to the top of the sports field, sadly it is not the case and they are mistaken. Maybe it is true in the bulking phase, but surely not so in the cutting phase. Getting a hardened muscle and vascularity requires a strict regimen of diet and proper exercises. People put in unbelievable hours in a gym to get into a proper shape. This requires a lot of strength and energy and this is where the drug plays a major role. The main chemical compound is called as Dihydrotestosterone, a derivate of the male hormone Testosterone. Since this is in a 17-alpha alkylated state, it can pass through theliver in an easier manner and helps in themetabolism of adipose tissues or fat tissues without affecting lean body mass.

Drug Safety

One should never be carried away by the results from a steroid as they are known to produce side effects even in small quantities. Stanozolol may enable one to maintain muscle mass while dieting but at the same time should watch out for ill effects. Common known side effects for both men and women may include nausea, headache, acne and mood changes. Women may acquire adeepened voice. Serious side effect comes from the toxicity to the liver if used for a long time with heavy doses. It is imperative and important that one should consult a medical practitioner if such illness shows up.