How wisdom teeth are holding you back

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There are many factors that determine success, and true success – the success that lasts – is altogether even rarer. When you are able to get all of them sorted and balanced, it can feel as though absolutely everything is going your way. As soon as one of them falls out of kilter, or you ignore one and don’t care for it, everything seems to be turning against you. Thankfully, much of our success is based on things we can change and do something about. But what do you do when something negative happens, and you can’t change it?

Take wisdom teeth, for example. We all have them at some point or other in our lives, and we all experience them slightly differently – but the cliche of agonising pain is a stereotype for a reason! It can truly be awful from wisdom teeth start to come through, but not just because of the discomfort and pain that you feel. It can be incredibly embarrassing to always feel as though you need to be on pain medication, and it can lead to some awkward conversations when you are at someone else’s home, and you need to ask them where their medication is! It also can lead to avoiding some social gatherings, such as birthday parties, work celebrations, and other vital events that you have to attend.

Wisdom teeth start to grow just as it becomes vitally important that we are able to concentrate on our studies and aspirations, in our late teenage years. As soon as we need to start thinking about college, scholarships, apprenticeships, or jobs, we suddenly get held back by wisdom tooth pain. It is impossible, of course, to calculate just how many study hours have been lost, how many interviews have been abandoned, how many exams have been missed because the person simply wasn’t able to get up and go, having been kept up all night with excruciating pain. And it only gets worse as people get older! Wisdom teeth also come through for some people in their early twenties, preventing business meetings, presentations being completed, and vital partnerships. Who knows what direction a person’s life may have taken if they had not been dogged by the agony of wisdom teeth.

For many of our readers, this will be a sore topic for more than one reason. It could be that your own success has been limited by wisdom tooth pain, or that it is starting to become difficult to concentrate as they first start to push through the gum lines. That is why for so many dentists in San Diego wisdom teeth removal is fast becoming the most frequent procedure that they perform. It is a simple medical change, and yet it can have such a drastic effect on a person’s life.

By removing the source of the pain, that patient can return to work, school, or college with none of the hindrance that had previously prevented them from truly exceeding all their hopes. It is astonishing, really, just how many people could take hold of this potentially life transforming change. Although it used to be a rather large operation, modern medical and dental technology has advanced to such an extent that it is now just one hour of operation, and just a few days of recovery. Then all you all have to do is go back to your life. In San Diego wisdom teeth removal will, perhaps, become something that many choose not only for the benefit of their health, but for the health of their career.

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