Is learning online going to overtake the classroom?

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It is a little mind blowing when you think about just how much education has changed in the last twenty years due to one thing: technology. We knew that it would change the way that we watch films in our own homes, and we suspected that smartphones would probably change things around a little bit, but very few people suspected that technology would have an actually tangible impact on the way that we learn – and how wrong we were. If you walk into most classrooms up and down the country now, you’ll see interactive whiteboards, computers in every room, tablets given out to college kids, libraries that only exist on the internet, and robotics and coding becoming a part of the normal curriculum. But it’s not only kids who are starting to get more involved in technology that can teach them – there are plenty of other ways that technology is starting to encroach on that territory.

Take Los Angeles Botox courses for example. These are almost institutions in themselves, offering excellently high quality practical teaching for those who want to be able to make Botox injections their careers. Students will spend time in lectures from an expert, watching them talk about different procedures and processes, look at slides about different dosages, and perhaps even have a seminar debate about exactly what the different laws in different states stipulate. Only not all Los Angeles Botox classes have their students in one room. Many of them will have the same level of teaching but online, rather than in a classroom, enabling their students to dial into live sessions via systems like Skype, or just watching replays on private YouTube channels or websites. The need to actually be physically in a classroom in order to learn from someone is slowly disappearing.

So does that mean that sooner or later, absolutely all learning is going to be done through a screen? Well, probably not, as a different set of Los Angeles Botox courses is starting to demonstrate. Of course there are some huge benefits to being able to learn from home at your computer, at any time of day that suits you, but there are also some pretty significant downsides. Few online learning Los Angeles Botox courses are fully interactive yet, which means that if you are watching a live broadcast and you have a question, there is no way that you can ask the lecturer, and so a learning opportunity disappears. This can be incredibly frustrating if there is a part of the course that you are stuck on. One Los Angeles Botox course in particular does something that simply can’t be done online, and that’s practising on live patients. Try as you might, we have not created technology that will allow you to do that – yet!

What is the future for online learning? Many people would argue that once we have worked out how to solve the interaction problem, there will no longer be any need for anyone to actually attend a college course or training course, because everything will be able to be done from home, through a screen. Others will argue that there is something about being there in person that will never be superseded by technology; why else do people spend hundreds of dollars to see their favorite sports team play live, or go to a tour of their beloved band or artist? Either way, there is no denying that the online classroom is seeping into many areas of learning and business, and there is no way that we have seen everything yet. The Los Angeles Botox courses are starting to prove that.