Set Your Millennial Free

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If you have a millennial living in your basement, you’re not alone.

Tech dependent, environmentally conscious, and more reluctant than previous generations to leave home and buy their own car.  They are obsessed with food, and are obsessed with a healthy lifestyle.  They see themselves as open to new cuisines, and frequently take photos of their food to upload to social media.

They grew up during the obesity crisis and are as likely to be fat as thin.  They are the millennials.  The generation born in the early 1980’s who are now mature adults.  Their influence is everything right now, and like the Baby Boomers who bore them, they see themselves as keepers of the environment, striking down previously held beliefs and social restrictions in favor of a more liberal view of life.  Their diet is most likely to consist of whole grains, a combination of an ethnic dish and a protein shake or bar, but you already know that because they tweet every time they eat.

Being cost conscious because they really have a hard time finding jobs to pay back the thousands of dollars of tuition debt they owe, so they love Straight Talk cellular service, especially when they obtain it through Groupon.  They love Groupon because the concept was started on their behalf and continues to help them save money on all the things they need for their carb free life.  The mobile phone has been used by them to start revolutions and topple governments, so they really are dependent on it and all the latest apps that improve their use of it.  And by saving as much as $100 off a Samsung Galaxy 7, they are more likely to use a Groupon to buy that phone.  And they’ll be less likely to need the help of their parents and friends to keep it turned on.

Straight Talk users enjoy such perks as $45 month for unlimited talk, text and data, iPhone 5S for $99, and other special promo deals and codes which change frequently.  The growing use of Straight Talk by millennials underscores the value in the plans available and that they have the best phones, best plans at half the cost.  Major brands like Apple, Samsung, LGE, Alcatel are sold by Straight Talk making the choice to switch to the service easy.   Go ahead and loan them the money for Straight Talk.  Who knows, the next call could be a job offer.